Question 1. How many aircraft do you currently have?
Answer: We currently have (1) aircraft. It is a 2008 G1000 DIAMOND DA40-XLS.
Question 2. How many members do you currently have?
Answer: We currently have 20 members.
Question 3. Do you have any issues with gaining access to the aircraft, due to the high number of members?
Answer: We haven't yet experienced any complaints about the scheduling yet.
Question 4. How many hours per month is the aircraft flow?
Answer: On average, the aircraft is flown ~30-35 hours per month.
Question 5. Is primary training allowed for students?
Answer:  Not yet.  We hope to offer that in the future, but we are working on adding aircraft to the club in an effort to increase capabilities provided (e.g. carry a family of four and luggage).  However, advanced training is currently allowed (e.g. IFR).
Question 6. What if you are interested in leasing an aircraft back to the club?
Answer: Please let the membership officer know by emailing or calling 910-265-2180 and you will be pointed in the right direction.
Question 7. How many approved CFI's do you have?
Answer: We have (3) approved CFI's, but only 1 is currently current and active.
Question 8. How much does it cost to rent the aircraft?
Answer: $165.00 per hour (wet).  Club members are reimbursed for any fuel they purchase.
Question 9.  Do you have to have rental insurance?
Answer: It is not required, but is highly recommended.  AOPA has great plans at a reasonable cost.
Question 10. Are overnight stays approved?
Answer: The club has been lenient of overnight stays, but if members begin to complain about availability, the board may have to begin enforcing policy.
What should I do to prepare for my check flight?
Answer: If you do not have G1000 experience, it is highly recommended that you purchase the Garmin G1000 Simulator; otherwise, it may take you more than one check flight for solo flight.
How often do I have to fly the aircraft to remain current?
Answer: You must fly the aircraft once within the past 90 days.